Repairs and Maintenance

Spare Parts

I can source and replace stove parts including glass, rope, fire bricks, etc, all I need is the make and model or picture of your stove. 

Chimney Sweeping

I sweep chimneys as it is important to have your chimney regularly swept to prevent the build up of soot and creosote that can obstruct or eventually block it leading to inefficient or potentially unsafe operation of your stove or fireplace. 

Replace Cowls

I can replace damaged or missing cowls to reduce the amount of water entering the chimney, minimise down-draught and stop birds from getting into the chimney.

Re-Line Chimneys

I can re-line existing chimneys to make them safer and also increase the efficiency of your stove.

Contact me if you require any of the above services.

Chimney Repair Before/After

Reconditioned Stove Before/After